Thursday, November 28, 2013

Not Home for the Holidays

For some reason, I am that weird person who gets very excited about holidays the morning of. I woke up today, the heater was on (its 45 degrees here in AZ!), the dog was snuggling, I have on my socks my grandma gave me, a thermal shirt... what could be better than Thanksgiving celebrations today!

Except... I don't get to go home. Well... I chose not to. Because I didn't want to travel home with the holiday crowds nor pay that huge airline fee for doing so.  Also, I have a little man named Giles that cannot be brought on planes and I would feel heartless if I abandoned him on the holidays.

However, now I am second guessing my choice. I can imagine my mom getting up and preparing the food, me sitting at the table, us chatting, me snuggling Raleigh the pooch and seeing Stretch the 900 year old cat curl up on my bed (for probably the last time :( )   And I could have visted my Grandma, and seen my siblings, and laughed and drank wine. But I decided to for-go all that just because I was being selfish... oh and work happens Monday and it is a super stressful time of year at work.

Ugh.. I keep trying to make it okay in my head. I am here with the pooch and a loving boyfriend. I get to celebrate Friendsgiving and drink vino. I actually get today and tomorrow off of work unlike some people. I don't really have to cook anything except cranberry sauce..... 

I will just have to deal with a far-away Skype family visit... I hope this is as good as I hope it is as good as I want it to be...

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  1. I did the cooking,and all the motherly comforts of high calorie food, the meal was a success. Hours spent to prepare, all consumed in about 20 minutes.
    I did miss you being home, and Christmas too. It is a realization that with adult children, there will less and less holidays that we all will be together to celebrate.
    As you build your own life with the cute dog and wonderful boy, it will be easier to enjoy your own home at holiday times.
    Love and miss you,